YELLOWSTONE IN JUNE - 6/23-30 2015


It’s been a week since my family headed back home, and I am about to return to Yellowstone for my “usual” summer wolf-watching trip. So here is an update of what I know about the packs I might see between June 23 and 30.

PROSPECT PEAK PACK – to the best of my knowledge, this pack is still relatively stable, led by aging alpha male 763M (a black going gray) and alpha female 821F. It is believed they denned in their usual place and do have a few pups but that’s all I know going into June.

JUNCTION BUTTE PACK – this pack is also quite stable. Led by alpha male 911M (a large gray) and alpha female 970F (a black). It is believed that 970F and her sister 907F both gave birth to pups this year, somewhere on the back side of Specimen Ridge – perhaps in an area once used by the Agate pack in the Antelope Creek area. Note: in August 2015, the Junctions were seen in the Crystal Creek area with 11 pups!

LAMAR CANYON PACK – This pack is believed to have five pups, two black and three gray – born in the “traditional” Druid Peak pack den area north of Footbridge pullout. The current members of this pack are not seen as frequently as other packs who have used this territory in the past. It is believed that their actual den is much further back in the trees than in the Druid days or even when the 06 denned here. When they howl, it seems to come from much further back than usual.

926F (black) is the alpha female (daughter of the 06) and Twin (two-toned black & gray) is her mate. The other adult males in this pack are 965M (collared gray), Mottled (two-toned black & gray) and Dark Black (black). The other adult females are Big T and Little T (both blacks with white “T” marks on their chests) who are yearling offspring of 926F and her former mate 925 (Big Gray). Alas, the yearling male brothers of these two females have not been seen for quite a while and it is believed that they most likely did not survive.

As always, thanks to Doug Dance for creating this website for me, to John Uhler for starting the Loon Page through which I made so many friends and discovered the wolves of Yellowstone, and to Laurie & Dan who are so generous to me.


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