HOLIDAY TRIP 2013/2104 December 26 - Jan 2

DAY ONE - Thursday, December 26


It's 1:30PM as I leave Bozeman for the Park.

Becky & Chloe came by yesterday to spend Christmas with me. We sat in my place and talked about all sorts of things, exchanged presents and had dinner. They brought chocolate covered strawberries!

The weather is 40 degrees, partly cloudy. The week was restful except for the demise of my laptop. On Monday morning, I accidentally opened a virus attachment, thinking it was a legitimate notice about my court case (work). It wasn’t. My laptop crashed and I have not been able to restore it.

Before I leave this morning I have breakfast with Jane & Frank before they head back to Anchorage. There is very little snow in Livingston. I think the wind blew it away. Pyramid looks good. Pointy Head looks the best, but still not much snow. River is low.

43 degrees at 2:11

Bighorns near the road outside Gardiner, then elk. Thru the Arch at 3:26. Pronghorn in the flats between the Arch & the gate. Elk just inside the gate.

I catch up with B & C at 45th Parallel. They are watching a big bull elk on the hillside. A huge flock of Cedar Waxwings was gathering in the trees on the hill, then suddenly they took off up the road, making a roaring sound. A few minutes later they zoomed over our heads toward the river and we had to duck!

We headed east. Saw a hawk, lots of bison, especially at Blacktail ponds. Stop at S Curves to scope for wolves. Instead we find a coyote, lots of elk, then two moose in the willows below us! One for sure is a bull. We had a 360 degree sunset; pink sky in every direction!

We also meet two people from Paradise Valley who want to know if we had seen wolves. They did not want to shoot them, just see them, so we gave them info.

We go to Outlaws for pizza.

Today I saw: bison, a coyote, elk, a hawk, two moose, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, a flock of cedar-waxwings and the spirit of Allison.

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